Activate Your Fierce Inner Authority who Leads With Discernment, Sovereignty & Expression.

Do you ever...
  • Allow boundaries to be crossed over and over again and justify why it’s okay & it drains you?
  • Lower your standards out of fear of being alone forever if you don't?
  • ​Struggle to say “no” to things and talk yourself into doing something you don’t want to?
  • Have a hard time expressing when your feelings are hurt?
  • ​Sit & listen to people talk WAY longer than you want to? 
  • ​​Don’t feel as close as you could in your intimate relationships because you withhold your truth?
  • ​​Feel caught between dreaming about a lavish life and low-self worth talk wrapped in guilt?
  • ​​Feel like it’s selfish to want more? 
  • ​Do you have a hard time taking up space?

IF this is you, you're going to be so happy you discovered this training!

At one point in history, owning your power, trusting your intuition & leading with your inner authority, was NOT a safe thing to do. Even though times have drastically changed (how amazing), women around the world still fear fully reclaiming what they lost.

Their power is buried.

Underneath shame & crippling fears disguised as being overly nice, inauthentic & always people pleasing.

I was her, too.
Until everything changed.

I realized, I had a choice and so do you.

We can stay out of alignment, ignore our intuition, deny any repressed rage, deny our power, keep our gifts quiet...let the same unconscious fears run the show... pass the oppression on and wake up 10 years later thinking WHAT THE….

OR we can WAKE UP NOW, shatter the outdated ways in this lifetime, reclaim our healthy inner authority, own our voices and direct our lives with a whole new level of self-trust, love, kindness and expression. IF this is something you are craving and you know you are ready for... your Inner Queen is talking to you.

The Queen lives in you

  • She knows what she wants
  • ​She is a captivating leader
  • ​She is loving and enjoys the luxurious of life
  • ​She is freedom
  • ​She has a fierceness to her
  • ​Says “yes” and “no” with ease & discernment 
  • She carries a natural confidence
  • ​She is MAGNETIC

You have this ancient energetic Queen wisdom and power held within your cells and you know it.

You’re ready to wake her up.
You’re done hiding.
The time is now. It starts here. Inside this training.
You're ready to access that fierce inner authority who is naturally magnetic & confident. 
The woman who doesn't lower her standards or withhold her light & power to make others comfortable. 

Inside This training You Will Get:
A video deepening your understanding of the Queen
A unique guided transmission for you to fully step into The Queen
Journaling prompts to anchor your Queen experience

This isn’t your average training, where you just understand it on a mental level.

I take you through a very unique transmission of meditation, movement and observing, so that on a deep energetic level you access and become the Queen who is powerful, all loving and ready to shine bright & take up space with natural confidence.


I am SO excited! 

I will see you inside! 
Xo, Rebecca :)

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